Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet



The Atkins Diet promotes long lasting weight loss through proper meal planning. It focuses on eating lean protein while reducing common carbohydrates such as sweets, flour, alcohol and sugar.  The foundation of Atkins success lies in preparing for the right meal and maintain regular physical activities.

4 stages of Atkins Diet

Stage 1: The diet starts by limiting daily carbohydrates consumption up to 20grams only.

Stage 2: Carbohydrates intake increases by 5grams daily until weight loss come to an end.

Stage 3: Carbohydrates consumption is reduce by 5grams/day. However, when you start to gain weight, you will have to reduce your carbohydrates consumption again.

Stage 4: Take carbohydrates of 45-100grams per day and this is a lifetime measurement under Atkins diet.

What Atkins Guarantee

The Atkins Diet guarantee to assist you improve your life and loss those extra pounds by reducing carbohydrate intake. The Atkins Nutrition Approach goal is to keep your blood sugar in a stable level and which involves reducing glycemic load.

The Advantages and Disadvantages

Low carb diets are known to help people lose weight in short period of time. This means cutting off consumption of empty calories and carbohydrates such as burgers, alcohol and other snacks.

However, previous Atkins diet encourages consumption of fats but this may lead to other health diseases such as stroke and hypertension. Today, Atkins put more emphasis on lean meat, fruits and vegetables rather than high fat foods.

Atkins diet also stabilizes blood glucose thus making it perfect diet for those who are suffering from Diabetes. Moreover, Atkins diet able to help individuals maintain their weight through adjusting their carbohydrates intake.

Low carb diet may not suit everyone because it requires them to abstain from carbohydrates in their lifestime. Atkins diet may sound strict and limited, but the truth is it only restricts the consumption of carbs from your diet and you can still enjoy variety of meal from other food groups.

You will not worry about overeating because protein rich and fatty foods are more fulfilling and reduces the cravings for sugar.

Nonetheless, the two main disadvantages of Atkins diet is bad breath due to the production of ketones in the body and constipation. These two problems can be dealt by increasing fiber intake and to use mouthwash regularly to avoid any unwanted smell.

Some nutritionists expressed their concerns over the diet particularly when practice for such long period of time. They believed Atkins can create health problems such as kidney stones, ulcers and infections.

Despite the concerns and prejudice, Atkins diet is still practice by many health enthusiasts and regular health checkups is encourage particularly for those who have been using the diet for long period of time.

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